The Vacation of Strawberry Punch

Weeeee~ a new fic~ Let’s hope you won’t be dissapointed with this. XD;;;

Disclaimer as always!

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Birthday Girl

Been a while since I wrote anything… Anyways, yes,  24th of December is Nagisa’s birthday, according to the CLANNAD Manga. XD I hope this is good though. Been a while since I wrote a fic, especially a short one.



Yes… it was her birthday. The birthday of the one who was once a cheerful, yet shy girl, with her smile like the sun, now turned into nothing but a queen. The queen of darkness, blessed by the red moon on the sky by one fated day.

One year has passed. One year ever since that day. It is so long ago, yet she can still remember that day like yesterday. It’s true. Memory can indeed be a funny thing, can it not? She recalled, that her birthday last year… was one of the bestest she had. She remember that one day when her parents, Tomoya, and Youhei were all at her room. She also got this cute giant Dango doll which adored so much.

“Then… I will buy you a huge Dango doll this Christmas.”

“Ahh?! But… there’s no need…”

“Of course I will, you’re my girlfriend.”

“Then… thank you.”

She was so happy, and she remembered that feeling up till now… but… was the line about the girlfriend now a truth? Or a lie?

… Today was different. There wasn’t her parents around, Youhei, or even Tomoya. Nor does anyone she know was around her. She, who is instead wearing her Crusader armor, is wearing an outfit that she was preparing for her birthday, which was her school uniform, wouldn’t be surprised, after the events which had happened.

For hours during her birthday, she was sitting on the dining room alone with a small white vanilla cake that she had prepared by herself in front of her. There was only one source light at the dining table, which was a small chandelier light on the top. It was rather small cake, with whipped cream around the cake, and a pattern of a cute pink dango on the center. There are also seventeen candles, marking her own birthday age that year. Everyone else went back to the Strawberry Punch Cafe, since she told them that today was a day off yesterday.

She closed her eyes, and muttered her birthday wish under her breath.

“I… wish everything would be back to the way it was…”

… Perhaps that it was an impossible wish? But still, she wanted it to come true. She slowly blew the candles herself, and took a slice of cake, putting it onto her plate. And she started eating alone, with no one else beside her. There was only air, and light, to accompany the brown haired, girl. She gave a small sigh, and muttered before eating.

“… Happy birthday to me.”

And slowly, she took up the fork and started eating her slice of cake silently. There were no presents, no cards, and no one next to her. The only thing accompanying her was light, air, and the sound of her fork.

All she got was a cake, and she didn’t expect anything more.


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The Chronicles of Yuu (Part 1?)

You all know Hoshizora Yuu. You know. The one who goes all “*SQUEAK*”, or he goes all “NYU”… or he likes candy? And perhaps you are familiar with the art god who draws many many pictures, and they turn out godly… although he says it doesn’t. And you must have known his trademark of the “Cchaaaaa”. He likes Shuffle and Japanese Anime, and he likes to fanboy over stuff… yes, as you can see, he is a happy kid.

But, however, there was one side which was still mysterious to the world. Which was his behavior. I have noticed several behaviors of his and his fanboyism over cute things. And so I thought… that he wouldn’t be a good slave if I took him. Because if a big Hello Kitty comes and invades my castle, he would either scream like a little girl or hug this big Hello Kitty machine.

I, Mei Ling, have inspected the great Hoshizora Yuu and his mysterious behavior. Time and time, I would ask him to confess his personal goals. From that look of his face, one shall know that there was a hidden motive behind that cute behavior! What could it be, I asked?

Could it be that he’s taking over the world?

Could it be that his behavior is only natural?

Could it be… He wants to be girly?!

Yes… from the report and the results I have received, the answer is none other than question 3.


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Nagisa Furukawa: Other Side

Well I always wanted to do this, actually. I really enjoyed writing this.

By the way, this is from NAGISA’S point of view. So everything she thinks may not be true, as you all know, in the end, she partly lost her sanity.


I once had a transparent dream
It was like an eternity
The faint, wind-like voice
Is calling me from the sky
If I take off while like this
I can go anywhere

end of start…

… Those were the words which had once echoed through my mind. Now, they were no longer singing inside of me. Instead, my world is already gone, already empty.

My name is Nagisa Furukawa, and it has been more than one year since my life turned into ruin. I’m 17 years old this year too, and it has been a few weeks passed my birthday. I have this illness once which went on for nine months, which was a few years ago, which made me repeat my third year.

That sickness… and I repeating my year… made me found a boy which gave me confidence in my entire life. Tomoya Okazaki. We went together in school, and soon, Okazaki actually asked me to become his lover…… I didn’t know what to do, but I felt the same way.

A few months later, I forgotten the reason, but Okazaki and me left school. Okazaki went to be… a Swordsman. I decided to follow him, so I can support him in times of danger, and outside is getting dangerous lately… I wanted to help him with all my strength. And so, I decided to become an Acolyte. Everything went quite well, actually… but.

If it weren’t for him, all of this would not have happened.


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Bedtime Story!

By the request of Trip and Zee, oh my. *shy shy* =(


A long time ago, there was a hidden city, which was much more beautiful than how we have now. There were buildings big and small, and there was a big waterfall at the city, and the land itself was floating on the sky. It was home to Angels. But now, we are going to look at a house in this Hidden Land. There was a family, who just borned three children. The three of them were fairies, except for a young baby girl, who was special. Instead of wings of white, they were black.

Now, a legend says that an angel with black wings will give nothing but a great catastrophe and ruin into the entire land. So, everyone in the land came into a meeting on what to do with a girl. They thought of throwing the girl off to the below surface. And no one stood up for her. NO ONE. So… she was sent there, and she was like a fallen angel.

So… a few years have passed, with her hardly surviving, found a man. The man found her, and brought him to his house. You could say that this man was cruel, as he had done nothing but make this little girl angel clean his house like a maid, except without a pay-check. So one night, the girl saw a young boy, around her age. The boy went to her with a warm smile on his face. The girl just turned away from him, thinking that he will soon reject her, just like everyone did at her home, the land. But still, the boy came to her, and looked in her eyes, still with the warm smile.

“I… used to be alone, but don’t worry, we can be together.”

The girl didn’t believe him at first, but she just played along with him for now. A few years passed, and they had been together. Regardless if they were scolded, slaved, tortured, they didn’t break apart. So one day, the boy told the girl, that they should escape from the house. And so they did escape, in the middle of the night. But however… Their freedom is also their suffering.

A few months later, although they do not have any food to eat, and everyone laughed at them, they were still together, and soon, they passed away. But they did not pass away of misery, but instead, they were still living happily, in the heavens above, with nothing to separate them.

Now, what happened to the hidden land, you ask? Well, the hidden land is already gone from this world, because the angels there rather save themselves than help each other, which resulted their majestic city to fall, and fell into the sea. And they were never heard from again.

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A part of my diary page.

-ALMOST- a copy from my diary page.


Dear Diary:

Anyways, you know who I am by now, Diary. It’s 2:00 am, I couldn’t sleep, been thinking a bit again, so I thought writing will be nice. Today, I visited this game called the Phantasy Star Universe, also known to be futuristic, and filled with evil stuff. Such stuff is more evil than me. But I’m sure you don’t understand. Let’s go back into the past…


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L O V E : L A W L E S S

For real this time! I hope you enjoy this, although my storyline stinks, I think.

Unleash your inner strength
Rise up to seek true power
Only then what you call a threat will be gone

“…… It’s over…”

Dark, the weather was dark, somewhere around the fields of the city, Prontera. The clouds were dark, symbolizing that rain is soon going to pour. The warm sunlight which once shine this field is unable to do so because of the clouds blocking the ray’s path. At the field, porings were gathering their food to hide inside the trees for shelter, while the Lunatics and Thief bugs too are hiding in their respective homes to get shelter from the rain.

“… It’s… really over…”


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